How They Were Painted

By Simon Cavelle


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How They Were Painted

Commissions from Simon Cavelle – Pavilion Art

If you would like to commission a painting from Simon, please contact us so he can discuss what you have in mind. As part of that discussion, he will cover the commissioning process and options in terms of size, medium, timings and prices.

Our guide ‘A Guide to Commissioning Art‘ will give you an overview of the process and an indication of our focus on producing a work that is tailored to you.. Simon will work with you to agree the best way of realising your painting. This would normally happen in person, but due to Covid you can ‘meet’ via Skype or Zoom instead, if you prefer.

Take a look at these videos of Simon at work.

Damon Hill's 1994 Williams Renault

Schumacher's Benetton Ford

Tuscan Villa

A guide to commissioning art

I have found that the best way to start is to work backwards through 3 sections, what is desired for the finished work, the image itself and the budget.

These 3 sections combine to form the major part of the brief.

1. The Finished Artwork

  • Where will the painting be displayed and positioned?
  • What size should the painting be?
  • Will the painting be mounted and framed?
  • What style of mount and frame would best fit with its surroundings?

2. The Painting

  • What angle of the subject should the work portray?
  • What should the composition of the work be?
  • Should the subject be placed within its landscape or on a clean background?
  • How vibrant should the painting be in terms of colour intensity?
  • Which medium would best achieve the vibrancy and style desired?
  • Which ground or base surface is best suited to the chosen medium?

3. The Budget

Having made choices in stage 1 and 2, we can then discuss budgets. The pricing of the work will depend on the amount of time taken. A line and wash will take less time than a watercolour, mixed media or an oil. The mounting, framing and shipping will also need to be factored in. I will work with you to get an agreed position, balancing what you want from the work and your budget.

The Brief

I would normally visit* a client at their property or their yacht so that I can understand the subject in context and gain some insight into the background of the subject, and the client/owner. I will also need to take a number of photographs and sketches of the subject.

A commissioned painting is a very personal thing. It is easy to underestimate the importance of the briefing element of the commissioning process. I will want to get a good understanding of how you imagine the completed painting.

This process starts at the first meeting, and continues through conversations, as the work develops.

In these challenging times, we can’t meet face-to-face, so Zoom or Skype is an alternative. I will ultimately work from photographs of the subject which can be supplied by the client.

*COVID 19 Process

In these challenging times, we can’t meet face-to-face, so Zoom or Skype is an alternative. I will ultimately work from photographs of the subject which can be supplied by the client.

The Contract

I always provide a contract for my commissions. The contract details what has been agreed and includes these basic terms:

  • Visual references required (e.g., photos, plans, drawings)
  • Dates when a compositional preview will be available
  • Dates for receiving materials from the client
  • Agreement on the approval process
  • A date when the work will be completed
  • Shipping options/costs
  • Reproduction and exhibition rights
  • Payment terms and schedule

Review of the Brief

I always make detailed notes and sketches on the minutiae of the brief after the meeting. I develop a list of the source images I need and sketch out test compositions. I work up details so that the client and I are both happy with the approach before the main painting is started. I rely on a number of photographs that are supplied by the client or taken by me. On some occasions a drone may be required to obtain a high angle or if a speed image is desired.

I can provide samples or images to help you with your decisions.​

The following details should be discussed and agreed in general as part of sections 1 and 2 of the brief:


  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Square, round or oval


We always use the best available materials in our work. Acid free papers and boards, “Artist” quality water and oil paints and pencils so our paintings last and stay as vibrant or subtle, to ensure their longevity.


A wide range of media are used in the creation of our paintings.


A multitude of grounds are used depending on the required style and chosen media.


  • A3
  • A2
  • A1
  • Bespoke

Mounting & Framing

We have access to the most talented artisans who can make any style of mount or frame to present the painting at its best. We use Styrene with a UV stabiliser which absorbs many of the damaging UV wavelengths in light. This protects the painting and reduces weight and the danger of damage or injury by glass.

In-Creation Process

During the creation process I share visual updates with the client and keep them abreast of when they can expect updates and how they will be sent.

Simon Cavelle

Simon Cavelle has been drawing and painting professionally for over 30 years. His work has appeared in several publications, and he has completed commissions for many UK and international clients. 

Simon specialises in three different subject areas, categorised as Air, Land and Sea. His commissioned works include a wide range of media allowing a range of styles from the soft wash to strong vibrant colours.

Early in his career, Simon started a company designing and decorating furniture using a variety of paint effects borrowed from artists over the centuries. He wrote the book Encyclopaedia of decorative paint effects and then expanded into the design and development of interior spaces, with a keen eye on the importance of colour and texture. His passion for beautiful architecture and design is apparent in his art.

If you have an idea for a commission, Simon would be delighted to talk to you, do contact us as below.


ART is is objective, its allows YOU to love what YOU choose.

With that in mind my aim is to produce work that “offers you something different”
Something exclusive and special to you.

All commissions are deeply personal creations that require a significant amount of emotion and collaboration with the client.

Composition, Lighting, Colour, Mood, Intensity, Message… these just a few of the elements that help me create the final piece of work.
I want you to be excited to show your friends, and if I can achieve that I am happy.

Finally for your assurance. I only use the finest quality and most robust materials allowing your ART to stay in your family for centuries.

Not everyone can afford an original piece. So with that in mind I knew I needed to find a way to create vibrant authentic and outstanding quality reproductions.

I am happy to say that the quality control in our limited edition pieces is second to none.

Purchase with absolute confidence and you can still enjoy the ART at a fraction of the price.

These are exclusive limited edition Giclee canvas prints produced to museum quality standards. This edition is limited to 100 and each item comes with a signed certification of authenticity and production.

Premium Frames
Using carefully selected solid pine wood each frame is constructed and checked in house. We have researched the best method for extra strength and durability and assure you this is an outstanding product!

Premium Canvas
We only use 100% cotton canvas with a thickness of 340GSM. We do not use cheap synthetic fiber alternatives and we know you will be blown away with the clarity of image and quality of its production.

Whether it's a gift or a purchase for yourself we know how important it is for us to get this spot on. We love what we do and that means your canvas will be perfect.

Premium Prints
We only print with the highest quality state of the art, leading 12 colour process machines. This gives you stunning details and brilliant colours unmatched by older machines. Our prints are also guaranteed with a 200 year UV life span.

Our stunning reproductions are 100% handmade every day. Real people with real experience carefully check every single detail.

We offer tracked courier service and is delivery is FREE for mainland UK.

We also deliver globally via tracked courier service so please see our price chart for all other areas around the world.

As soon as your order is placed production will begin the next working day.

Typically orders are shipped within 2-4 business days and you will be informed of all the couriers contact details.

Delivery will be made via Hermes, UK Mail or Interlink depending on the order size, weight and value.

We have shipped thousands of orders already so have total confidence in our service.

It is extremely rare for an item to get damaged but if this happened we would offer an immediate replacement at no cost to the customer.