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Whitecalm is a complete data driven healthtech solution for any corporate to help improve employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity through a happier healthier workforce.

Whitecalm Virtual helps with every aspect of your wellbeing through live interactive and on demand sessions 7 days a week covering your mental health, sleep, gut health, self-care and physical movement.

Businesses lost £92 billion in 2019 to absenteeism. £68 billion of this was lost as a result of mental ill health and unhealthy lifestyles.

From meditation, fitness and sleep sessions to help with relationships and addictive behaviours, Whitecalm can helpSleep better night after night

  • Get fitter and stronger
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Help with depression and other mental illness
  • Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve your immunity
  • Prevent illness
  • Recover quicker from injury and operations
  • Be more resilient and mentally strong

We start the Whitecalm journey using a confidential digital wellbeing scorecard completed by your staff which covers all aspects of wellbeing and takes a few minutes to complete.

The responses are given a percentage score and then will offer guidance on which aspects to focus on to improve individual wellbeing through our comprehensive range of wellbeing programmes, classes and workshops found in each of our studios covering:


    Gut Health

    Mental Health



    The scorecard can be repeated over the year to see overall improvement with your staff as well as meeting your CSR requirements.

    Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy

    It improves microcirculation and promotes the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. This improves the performance of the body's cells, which in turn favours the body's own self-healing powers.

    Bemer Enhances

    • General bloodflow
    • The Body's nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
    • Cardiac function
    • Physical fitness, endurace, strength and energy
    • Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation
    • Sleep management

    Customer Results


    Show Jumping World Champion 2018

    “The BEMER Horse-Set has long become indispensable for us. Because BEMER therapy enables the horses to always perform at their best. And to experience a greater quality of life, day after day. We wouldn’t want to be without it!”

    DOROTHY, bridlington

    After suffering 40 years with joint issues and poor circulation the difference the Bemer has made to my health, mobility and quality of life has been truly wonderful.

    Dorothy, Bridlington, East Yorkshire



    2016 – Olympic champion in Rio de Janeir

    “The BEMER Horse-Set is used in our training sessions and after the first few applications I already noticed improved mobility and faster regeneration in my horses, which has completely convinced me.”


    Spanish Olympic dressage rider

    “All my horses benefit from the BEMER Horse-Set. It loosens their muscles before riding and they recover faster afterwards. They all love it! I recommend it for both professional and amateur riders.”


    Entrepreneur, horse breeder

    “By using the BEMER Horse-Set in our stable, as well as before and after riding, we’ve noticed that it takes significantly less time for them to relax. This product has really won me over!”


    American team gold medallist in four-in-hand driving at the 2018 World Equestrian Games

    “The BEMER Horse-Set is a revolutionary product that increases the blood flow in my horses and thus promotes relaxation, faster regeneration and increased performance. My horses give me their best every day, which is why I use BEMER.”

    Professional polo player from America
    “For me, the BEMER Horse Set was a new product, but after using it on several of my horses, I've learned a lot and seen a rapid improvement in their condition. There are happier and are also performing better.” 


    American WPRA, AQHA and NBHA World Champion

    “The BEMER Horse-Set is a unique product that helps our horses' blood flow and recovery, and promotes relaxation after a good workout. Barrel horses train a lot, so we are glad to have our BEMER Horse-Set to help them.”


    Professional polo player from America

    “For me, the BEMER Horse Set was a new product, but after using it on several of my horses, I've learned a lot and seen a rapid improvement in their condition. There are happier and are also performing better.”


    Olympian & Grand Prix winner in dressage

    “I only use the best resources when it comes to my horses' well-being. The BEMER Horse-Set makes a huge contribution to the recovery and fitness of my equine athletes, allowing them to achieve much better results in training and competitions.”

    Richard Charles Guest - racehorse trainer of over 600 winners

    I have been using the Bemer Veterinary Line products, the Bemer Vet Horse Blanket & Vet Horse Cuff for over 12 months, and during that time it has been used on all of the Racehorses that I train on a regular basis and I have found it to be a tremendous asset.

    I have found that since introducing the use of the Bemer Veterinary Blanket and Cuff that my horses have thrived and improved, both mentally and physically. The horses look fantastic and I believe the Bemer products have contributed massively to their wellbeing, and they have been very useful in helping horses that have recently raced in their recovery from their exertions. It is a great help to horses that have historical physical ailments and they have certainly shown improved form and soundness with regular use of the Bemer Blanket and Cuff. I have seen the benefits with my horses from 2 year olds all the way through to 12 year old veterans. I have been in the Horseracing Industry for over 40 years as a stable hand, jockey and trainer, and I have seen and tested many products that have not lived up to there claims, but I am a firm believer in the Bemer Veterinary Line products, quite simply, they work and my horses are benefiting from them!

    I cannot recommend the Bemer Veterinary Line products highly enough and they would be a great asset to have for anyone working with performance horses, and no doubt all horses would show physical benefits from using the Bemer Veterinary Line.

    Richard Charles Guest

    Racehorse Trainer of over 600 winners
    Grand National & Champion Hurdle Winning Jockey

    Kelvin Dobson

    The Bemer was recommend to me by a friend who has a very bad back.

    After using the Bemer Classic for a few weeks i noticed more energy and relief of the discomfort in my trouble some joints.

    I wondered whether my irritating joints had calmed down on their own so stopped using the Bemer.

    Within a few days the joints were causing me discomfort again. I now use the Bemer regularly to good effect.

    Kelvin Dobson, Ilkley, West Yorkshire


    Mark Hallion

    International Showjumping Rider & Owner of Blackwater Equestrian

    "Having used the Bemer horse set in the last 9 months on a daily basis, the results are very impressive. Our horses health and well-being along with their recovery and performance have improved significantly. I would recommend Bemer Vascular Therapy for all riders and their horses."

    MR P, huddersfield

    I received delivery of our Bemer Pro Set in July 2017. I was not sceptical about purchasing the device as my Swedish colleague had been using one for the past two years and waxed lyrical about how well it had performed for him where a long history of back problems was now a thing of the past.

    Historically I have had a number of issues with back problems and joint problems since using the system for several months most of the issues have subsided to appoint they are not noticed any longer. I have also felt more energised throughout the day.

    It has been very useful for minor issues such as strains tennis elbow. Using the localised B.Spot and B.Pad you could concentrate on the affected areas and must say with excellent results.

    You have to be disciplined with its use to get the long term benefits. Going away on holiday and not using the system does have its drawbacks in the sense that you know when you have not been using it.

    Overall I would certainly recommend its use particularly for back and localised pain relief and general wellness.

    Mr P, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


    British show jumper and Grand Prix winner

    “Purchasing the BEMER Horse-Set has been one of the best improvements I have made in my stables. I cannot recommend this product highly enough! My horses love it, and the results are very noticeable. We don’t go anywhere without the Horse-Set.”


    Youngest German Dressage Derby winner and winner of the Golden Riding Medal

    “I use the horse blanket every day with my dressage horses, so that they stay fit. I’ve also had good experiences with injuries.”


    American show jumper and Grand Prix winner

    “I am so excited to be working with BEMER. I have seen the Horse-Set in action and can confirm that it is a unique product. It supports our horses by promoting regeneration, blood flow and relaxation – and thus improves their performance.”

    Dr Hermann Josef Genn

    Veterinarian specialising in equine medicine

    “By using the BEMER Horse-Set, horses display quieter behaviour and have a greater tolerance of stress, especially in new surroundings, and show significant improvement in getting up safely after surgery.”


    Equestrian artists

    “With BEMER, in addition to the usual care provided by our osteopath, we can help the horse and achieve very interesting results, both physically and mentally.“


    French/American para-dressage rider

    “Since receiving the BEMER Horse-Set, my horses have been having a treatment session every morning before training. The difference has been really amazing. They are more supple and more relaxed. They clearly enjoy their BEMER time!"


    American rider and USHJA International Hunter Derby Champion

    “The Horse-Set helps the horses by promoting relaxation and regeneration. I am thrilled to be a part of the BEMER team because I truly believe in the product. It contributes to the horses being healthier and happier!”

    Daniel Bremner - dl dressage

    I run DL Dressage with my partner Lucy Cartwright. We have a wide selection of horses from youngstock to Grand Prix Horses (the highest level in the sport of Dressage).

    We have used the Bemer Veterinary Line on several horses and can provide some positive feedback. We have mainly used the blanket on horses that have certain ‘issues’ that could
    potential provide some useful feedback.

    For example we have used the rug on a couple of horses that suffer from the symptoms of being ‘cold backed’. Generally these horses are sensitive to saddle up and mount, sometimes these horses are ‘tight’ or show slight discomfort during the beginning of exercise. I am very pleased to inform you that these horses have shown improvement after 15 mins herapeutic use of the Bemer blanket. To the point of a large 6 year old horse to show no symptoms at all. The sport of dressage is physically demanding on our equine partners and some horses show soreness or strain - we have used the blanket in these cases and although difficult to quantify I would be positive on the use of electromagnetism.
    We also use a sports massage therapist that has an exceptional reputation including dressage, eventing and horse racing. She was positive on the use of the Bemer and believed that it would a useful aid in managing and training our horses.

    Daniel Bremner, DL Dressage, Gloucestershire

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